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Who Hires a Coach?

The answer? People from every walk of life! Coaches specialize in hundreds of areas. Life coaching is a growing industry, but is it legit? If you ask individuals who have worked with a coach, their answer is yes! Since the coaching industry is not a regulated industry, anyone can hang out their shingle and say they are a coach. A regulated industry such as those in the medical field, education, and the mental health field are regulated and licensed in the state they serve. As a licensed educator for 30+ years, I became aware of the coaching industry as I myself hired one. It gave me insight into my own goals and areas to address that were hindering me from my personal and professional goals. I loved the space to examine some concerns and create new goals. Whom did I hire? One who had a long history of wise counsel and success in their own relationships. That individual also validated my desire to grow spiritually and walked with me with the heart of an encourager. Everyone seeks something different from a coach. I didn’t want someone who would give me answers. I wanted them to assist me by asking thoughtful questions and holding me accountable.
I recently spoke with an acquaintance who has had a business coach for 15 years. I asked them why they would spend the time and money to hire a coach when they are extremely successful in their career. His answer? I am very successful in my career because I chose to hire a coach. He went on to say that he sought out a career coach who became a mentor in many areas of his life. He experienced the wisdom of this particular individual and shared that it helped to expose the blind spots in his leadership style. It was interesting to hear his passion that everyone can benefit from having a qualified and wise coach. I couldn’t agree more!
I have worked with a variety of individuals over the last two years. The needs are great with our tweens/teens especially as they weathered life during a global pandemic. Most recently, I have coached a mom who is concerned her daughter is hanging out with a crowd that is making her vulnerable to some poor choices, a couple who are feeling the stresses of their parenting and professional lives, and a 16-year-old girl who is struggling to find ‘her people’ after a major move with her family. I have spent a great deal of time coaching teachers as they face the many challenges in the classroom. This morning, I took a call from a mom who wanted to work on new ways to interact with her teenagers as she communicated her discouragement and habits of shaming and yelling.
Coaching with a certified coach will allow you to focus on strengths, ask questions, have a safe space to think, client client-led, goal-setting, and future-focused. It is also filled with moments of aha, joy, and fun. Do your research and see who is hiring a coach. It is an opportunity to get unstuck in some life habits and make some long-overdue breakthroughs. I found that it encourages communication, reflection, and self-correction. You are worth it! Let’s go!

Is Coaching for you?

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